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Spanish Courses in Madrid-Escorial

Are you looking to live in Spain whilst learning the language? Then our intensive courses based at either El Escorial or Salamanca (both in Madrid) may be of interest to you!

Lessons to your level, to suit your abilities and to ensure successful understanding of the Spanish language while enjoying Spain's unique climate, great atmosphere and organized trips. You will be completely immersed with the Spanish language, living and sharing day to day with a Spanish host Family in this amazing area of the Escorial or in the city center.

We dedicate ourselves exclusively to the teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language, accepted by students from all over the world. El Escorial in Madrid is famous and offers a spectacular beauty, comfortable lifestyle and friendly people and the Salamanca area is one of the most visited by tourists all year round.

This course runs for all levels from beginners to advanced. It is recommended for those who may have less time to study and/or who want more intensive language tuition each week. Classes focus on the four main language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, and take place Monday to Thursday and a cultural activity on Friday.

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Course Times, Teachers and Materials

Your exact timetable will be confirmed at the start of course, however you will be given 40 hours of Spanish lessons in the month. From Monday to Thursday: 2 hours and 30 minutes of Spanish lessons per day. On Friday: A voluntary activity will take place. E.g: Visit to El Escorial Monastery; Going to Madrid, Avila; an excursion to the mountains, sports (cycling, going up a mountain, fishing, football, basket, swimming…)

This will be in more detail and will be provided to you by the organiser of this course. Please note we are note the organiser of this lessons and above you can read and have an idea of a previous time table.

Course material is already included so you will not need to buy any books. Our teachers are qualified to teach Spanish as a foreign language (ELE).

We have a good experience in Spanish lessons to students and from all over the world and in dealing with students from many different places. Languages spoken: English, French and some Italian; but the lessons will be given in Spanish!

Host Families

We believe a host family is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the language and culture of a country. The host family perhaps don’t speak your language but that's all part of the learning experience - and fun! The host families are carefully selected and usually located not far from the school. Sometimes we assume that ‘host family’ does mean a couple with children however you may find that hosts are single people whose children have grown up and left home.

However once you have provided the first payment the host family details will be sent to you and you can contact them if you wish and let them know who you are and try to ask them some questions this will be a way to start your own experience.

Full board is included so if for any reason you do not wish to eat at home you can say that to your host in advance.

Remember it's great to experience the different cultural aspects of living with a family.

The Fees

  • First payment of 310 euros will made to School-e Ltd by bank transfer. This is a non refundable deposit unless for any reason we can´t assign the course to you (example we can´t provide you any host family). Once this payment has been accepted we will send you the details of the organiser in Madrid and they will instruct to you the next payment. This payment will confirm and book your hosting family. Once this payment has been received the Spanish organizer will send you details about the hosting family and how you can do the last payment.
  • The last payment can be done in one go however we provide the flexibility to the student to pay during the first week in Spain. This payment of 990 euros can be paid either when you start the course or before to the Spanish organizer.
  • This course depends of the exchange rate is around 1200 euros / £1,098. It is a really good offer for 1 month in the Escorial area in Madrid.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I pay all in one go?
    No, first we must process your application however you can pay the rest of the course in one go.

  2. Why do I need to pay 310 pounds first and 990 euros at the end?
    We try to make the payment in a flexible way for you, however we need 310 pounds to process your application form and book your hosting family. Once this is completed and the payment is cleared we will send you the details of the course organizer in Spain. Then you will need to pay 990 euros for the rest of this course. At that point they will send you all the details of the course and you can see who they are and you can ask any question you need. The difference we have decided you can pay it at the beginning of the course. Note that some other companies don´t offer this payment facility.

  3. Can I come for 2 weeks only?
    Yes you can also come for a 2-week period if you want to. 150 pounds first to start the booking process. The prices varies in between 320 pounds and 560 pounds. Second payment is paid in euros so prices could change depending the exchange rate (Half or Full board). More information from the provider will be given to you after after we receive your first booking confirmation.

  4. What ages are the students?
    There are 3 groups
    If the guest is over 18, he/she will be able to leave the house at any time and he/she will be provided with a key.

    Teenagers from 16-18 will have to be at home before 10-11pm.

    Teenagers under 16 will be controlled by the host family and more information will be given by the organizer.

  5. What is included in the course:
    • PRICE: 1290 euros (1 month). - Full board accommodation (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with a Spanish family.
    • All the teaching materials will be provided
    • The transport from the airport (MADRID-BARAJAS) to your house

  6. What is not included in the course:
    • The cost of the flight from your destination to MADRID-BARAJAS.
    • The cost of the transport and ticket museums of the Friday activity. -
    • Any other free activity you may want to do.

Does this sound like the perfect experience for you? Email us for more information and a copy of our booking form!

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