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Description: With this maths game the child will be able to see how subtraction works.

The children will learn and practice subtraction in a visually and funny way receiving Pipo´s help at any time they may need it.  Help with hands and balloons will show how subtraction is done.

Subtracting with Pipo

Learning Objectives:

Learn and practice the subtraction.

Stimulate mental maths calculations and agility.

Strengthen basic maths calculations.


How to play?

Solve the subtraction that Pipo sets you in our maths game with Pipo.

Type the result of the maths subtraction on the top of the worm. You have to follow the worm to type the numbers from right to left so you can always know where to write. Press the question mark if you want Pipo to help you solving the operation.



There are 8 levels of difficulty in this game:

Level 1: Maths subtraction of one-digit numbers less than five.

Level 2: Maths subtraction of one-digit numbers. Without carrying over..

Level 3: Two-digit numbers minus a one-digit number. Without carrying over.

Level 4: Two-digit numbers minus a one-digit number. Using carrying over.

Level 5: Subtraction of two-digit numbers. Without carrying over..

Level 6: Subtraction of two-digit numbers. Using carrying over.

Level 7: Maths subtraction of three-digit numbers.

Level 8: Maths subtraction of four-digit numbers.

This game is great to learn Maths and have fun. (Maths info)

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