The Submarines maths game

Description: With The Submarines maths game the child will have to solve multiplications from one times table up to fairly complicated multiplications using multiples of ten.

In this maths game, the child has to solve the multiplications that Pipo sets and answer them in a funny way.

The child will have to click the submarines that fly in the screen before they disappear. They will learn and practice multiplications in a funny way.

The Submarines multiplication game

Learning Objectives

Learn and practice multiplications.

Stimulate mental maths calculations and agility.

How to play?

Solve the maths multiplications that Pipo sets you. You have two options to give the result: you can answer by typing the result of the operation in the square and then click OK button to check if you are right or you can give your answer by clicking the corresponding submarine.



– There are 10 levels of difficulty:

Level 1: One times table.

Level 2: Two times table. Up to 2×5.

Level 3: Three times table. Up to 3×4.

Level 4: Two times table. (check maths tables)

Level 5: Three times table.

Level 6: Four times table.

Level 7: Five times table. (check maths tables)

Level 8: Six and seven times table.

Level 9: Eight and nine times table.

Level 10: Multiples of ten up to fifty by 1,2,3,4 or 5. (check maths tables)

This game is great to learn Maths and have fun. (Maths info)