The Space Ship game

In each game, the children will receive lots of energy cells when they are progressing in the different levels.

The child will get energy cells that will be kept in the storage battery. Click on it and place the energy cell in the external fuel tank of the space ship. When you get all energy cells, the Martians will have fuel enough to travel to their planet.

Note that the game is designed for a wide range of age so you should not put the children under pressure to solve all the games.

The Space Ship math games

If you help the Martians to come back to their planet, as a reward for such a huge effort and success, you will get the Diploma.

It has your name and the date when you achieve to finish all the levels and games. This game is great!

You can print it and keep it as the trophy it is and if you print it in black and white, you can colour it using your favourite colours.

Sometimes parents when we buy some CD games we are not quite sure what are we going to get for it. We have actually looked into some of other games maths providers and maths with pipo really stands out. Some other providers claim to be cheap however you need to buy several packages, products, CD´s and at the end of the day will be more expensive overall and not the same quality you can get with Pipo.

We hope this deep description helps you to decide if this product will be good for your child and we guaranty your purchase will not be a waste and it is a really good way to help your son or daughter to learn, practise or improve his/her maths.

Finally just to remind you this is just a tool. However I am always concern as a dad and a professional in the educational sector with the fact that children should not exceed say half and hour playing with the computers, video games, PS, etc. and remember you can also have fun with them playing along and singing the timetables as I recently did with my eldest.

You can download for free the full Pdf file in our website and play this game when you can.

You can easy learn this game and have fun. (game info)

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      From the little I like all sorts of games. Favorite kind are currently playing mmo. And this I notice, games occupy a massive section of the time buying enough I ended up being alone I could play unhampered. Now that you have a family members, I am not able to satisfy my ought to play. However, there is usually a ray associated with hope because I’ve a son that will soon finish 4 years therefore i think this for 2 or 3 years is able to play beside me.

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