Divisions and multiplications

Description: With this great maths game “the Airships” the child will learn solving the divisions that Pipo sets.

The child will have a lot of fun giving the result of the calculation clicking the correct airship before it disappears into the clouds. At the same time, the child will practice and get mental agility with divisions.

The Airships divisions game

Learning Objectives

Learn and practice divisions

Stimulate mental calculations and agility.

How to play?

In this maths game you can solve the divisions that Pipo sets you. You have two options to give the result:

you can answer by typing the result of the operation in the square and then click OK button to check if you are right or you can give your answer by clicking the corresponding airship.



There are 10 levels of difficulty:

Level 1: First operations of the two and three times table.

Level 2: Two times table

Level 3: Three times table.

Level 4: Four times table.

Level 5: Five times table.

Level 6: Six times table.

Level 7: Seven times table.

Level 8: Eight times table.

Level 9: Nine times table.

Level 10: Ten times table.

Description: With the multiplication machine maths game the child will learn the multiplication.

The game is intended for older children, but with the help button everyone can try it. The child can check the multiplication table at the right side and the numbers you have to multiply blink making solving the operation easier.

image 42

Learning Objectives

Learn and practice the multiplication.

Stimulate mental calculations and agility.

Strengthen basic maths calculations.


How to play?

Solve the multiplication that Pipo sets you. Type the result of the multiplication on the top of the worm. You have to follow the worm to type the numbers from right to left so you can always know where to write. Press the question mark if you want Pipo to help you solving the maths operation.



There are 4 levels of difficulty in this maths game:

Level 1: Multiply numbers less than 100 by 1, 2 and 3.

Level 2: Multiply three-digit numbers by numbers between 2 and 9.

Level 3: Multiply four-digit numbers by numbers between 2 and 9.

Level 4: Multiply five-digit numbers by numbers between 2 and 9.


This game is great to learn Maths and have fun. (Maths info)