The Machine maths game

Description: The Adding Machine maths game will help the child to add up.

The child will be able to solve maths additions from the easiest to the most difficult, being provided of help at any time.

In this maths game, they can get help using hands or marbles. Using marbles the child will see how the maths sum is done understanding the mathematical process logically.

The Adding Machine

Learning Objectives

Learn and practice the addition.

Stimulate mental calculations and agility.

Strengthen basic maths calculations.

How to play?

Solve the maths in this specific case the addition that Pipo sets you.

Type the result of the addition on the top of the worm. You have to follow the worm to type the numbers from right to left so you can always know where to write. Press the question mark if you want Pipo to help you solving the operation.



There are 8 levels of difficulty in this game:

Level 1: Maths addition up to 10.

Level 2: Maths addition up to 20.

Level 3: Addition up to 99 (without carrying over).

Level 4: Addition up to 99 (using carrying over).

Level 5: Addition of two-digit numbers.

Level 6: Addition of three-digit numbers.

Level 7: Maths addition of five-digit numbers.

Level 8: Addition of five-digit numbers.

This game is great to learn Maths and have fun. (Maths info)