Spanish Lessons in Manchester

Now we are going to have a look at a very basic Spanish lessons or beginner Spanish lessons in Manchester.

It is the type of lessons you would like to have in your first day at the school. We are going to do a quick dialogue to show you this.

In Spanish the pronoun ” tú” is used to speak in an informal way (young people or friends as I already explained in some other blogs) and ” Usted” is used as a formal way (used with older people or authorities).

So, in this Spanish lesson you can practise both however for the school I always prefer the informal one.

This is just an example of many Spanish Lessons we have:

Carlos- Hola, ¿Cómo te llamas? (What´s your name?)
Ana- Me llamo Ana. (My name is Ana) ¿Y tú? (And you?)
Carlos – Me llamo Carlos. (I call myself Luis)
Ana – Encantada de conocerte (Nice to meet you)
Carlos – Encantado.
Carlos – ¿Cuántos años tienes/tiene? (How old are you?)
Ana – Tengo 16 años. ¿Y tú? (I’m 16. And you?)
Carlos “ Yo tengo 17 años.
Ana -¿De dónde eres? (Where are you from?)
Carlos – Soy de Inglaterra or you can say Soy inglés. (I’m from England. / I’m English)
Ana – ¿De qué parte eres de Inglaterra? (From where about are you in England?)
Carlos – De Manchester. ¿Y tú?, ¿De dónde eres? (I am from Manchester, and you? Where are you from?)
Ana – De España. (From Spain)
Carlos – ¿De qué parte de España eres? (From where about are you in Spain?)
Ana – De Barcelona. ¿Dónde vives? (Where do you live?)
Carlos – Vivo en Manchester. (I live in Manchester)
Ana – Ah, yo soy de la Bonanova en Barcelona. (Oh, I’m from the Bonanova in Barcelona)
Carlos – ¿De qué trabajas? (What do you work as?) ¿Qué haces? (What do you do?)
Ana – Soy estudiante y trabajo en el colegio por las tardes con los niños. (I’m a student and I work in the afterschool with the children).
Carlos – Me encanta tú trabajo (I love your work) Adiós Ana tengo que irme (By Ana I´ll have to go)
Ana – Hasta luego Carlos (See you later)

Please, please, please. Do not copy this prepare all your Spanish lessons.

This is only an easy example to show you a bit of one class. You need to assess the level of your class adapt and change this test as much as you like to suit your needs.
Records a dialogue and take it with you. Play the dialogue to the children.
Practise parts of this dialogue in pairs and correct as you need.
Ask the children to prepare the dialogues. Use some of the suggested questions and answers.
Make them to record the conversation.

Homework for them:
Prepare Spanish dialogues in pairs and bring them to the class.
Select some dialogues to show to everybody. Don´t point too much the mistakes yet if there are.
Now you can exchange the dialogues. They will have to take the dialogues friends correct and assess providing you a mark. Once again in pairs they will analyse the dialogues.

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Did you find in our Spanish lessons what you was looking for? (Spanish Lessons in Manchester)

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