Spanish Lesson-The family-Part 2

Familias / Families – Second Part



  • Revise ¡Buenos días! and ¡Hola! Children who know a greeting in another language can greet the class.


Main Spanish activities:


  • We are now going to listen at least twice some of the family words to see which ones children can identify words are (mama, papá, mami, papi, el padre, la madre, el abuelo, la abuela, el hermano, la hermana, el niño, la niña, el bebé).
  • Now we are going to play an easy dialogue between a family- dad, mum brother and sister are the participants. Can the children understand which are they and their names and who are they.

Final Activities:

  • We are going to complete the activity on the board, can the children identify most of the family members? Can the children identify the correct gender and put the word in the right column?
  • Now it is time to play the phonic words and ask the children if they can they find any word which is not on the activity but is in the tape. Such as niño, niña and bebé.

In this lesson children should learn:


  • To recognise some familiar words in written form.
  • To recognise question forms.
  • To imitate pronunciation.
  • To play games to help remember.

The objectives of this lesson are:

  • Understand the meaning of mi madre,mi padre, mi hermana, mi hermano
  • Understand the meaning of “¿quién es? Es …
  • Begin to use the structure Ésta es mi hermana, etc

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