Spanish Clapping games

In this blog we are going to show how to deliver a Spanish Tuition in Manchester for Key stage 1 or 2.

Spanish Clapping games


  • Usual greetings to the children. ¿Qué tal? (How are you?) or Buenas tardes.

Main activities:

  • Play a circle game like pass the ball. We will try to count in Spanish as much as they can. The music will be very low in the background when the CD player stops the teacher will give an instruction/action in Spanish to the child like levántate, siéntate, salta, silencio, aplaude, mueve los brazos, mueve las manos, mueve las piernas As they do not know some of this instructions the teacher will help and everybody will repeat. This Spanish game will carry on for a few rounds.

  • Show a simple clapping game with numbers up to 10 in Spanish and teach it to the class. In pairs, children create their own clapping games and perform them to the class.

Final Activities:

  • Ask children to demonstrate clapping games they have played in the playground. Also they could maybe think of a clapping game and allow max. 5 minutes next week to play. Can the children create their own counting-out games?

In this lesson children should learn:

  • to listen and respond to simple rhymes
  • to recognise and respond to sound patterns and words
  • to perform simple communicative tasks using simple words, phrases and short sentences
  • to imitate pronunciation
  • to repeat words rhythmically

The objectives of this lesson are:

  • pronounce numbers 1 to 10 accurately (likely up to 20)
  • use newly learnt vocabulary to create a playground game
  • perform their game with confidence

You can also practice the numbers with your class listening this short videos:

Listen the numbers in Spanish (easy for Key stage 1 or 2)


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