Play with Pipo in the city

New words are introduced to your children by Pipo, which helps extend their skills for reading. Navigation around the site is really intuitive, which develops the child’s independence and individual learning. Come and play with Pipo is an introduction for children into the everyday vocabulary of a child. Children can interact with the scene and familiarize themselves with the new vocabulary by clicking on all of the elements and colouring them in.


The child will visit 9 different places: The dining room, the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen, the house, the park, the beach, the stable, etc.

When the child has completed the tour of all the different places to visit then he or she will be able to print a diploma which will show the date it was obtained.

Each place contains 5 different games:
Look and listen for the vocabulary; practice the colours; read and choose the pictures, counting up to 10, etc.
Come and play with Pipo will expand the child’s knowledge of: using the mouse, the vowels, the alphabet, how to match pairs, telling the time, animal sounds, names of body parts, adding and subtracting and how to create songs.

This product includes an educational guide for parents and teachers.
Individualized learning with structured levels of difficulty.
Keys that will help you use the programme:

(F1 key): Help on how to use this programme.

(F5 key): Options to quick visit and to change some settings.

(F6 key): Change the language from English to Spanish or vice versa..

(F9 key): Score on each game.

Bilingual (Spanish and English)
PC and MAC compatible
(unfortunately it is not compatible with LION or later versions)
3-9 yrs old

You can use it with old operating systems such as: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista, XP. Compatible 32 y 64 bits

You can also play on-line.

Play with Pipo in the City