My first words in Spanish

My first words in Spanish with Pipo, is an amazing educative software that teaches our children great Spanish vocabulary in those foundation years.

Understanding that during these early years, we are most receptive to learning and retaining a language.

My first words in Spanish with Pipo will cover the following subjects: hundreds of words, colours, foods, animals, reading, pronunciation, comprehension, and material that can be printed. Our software also includes our first totally interactive and illustrated dictionary.

This fun product is composed of 17 scenes where children can learn vocabulary and practice it in 8 attractive games. Children increase their vocabulary with everyday scenes such as the garden, the lounge, the bedroom, even the funfair.

Games such as the Stickers, Find… or the Rabbits are exercises that the youngest children can complete without needing to know how to read.

Obviously, given that the games are presented as a first Spanish dictionary, reading and writing is essential and in fact these skills are present in the games. However, you can play all the games without knowing how to read, given that games where the answer is dependent on the text, such as the Mushrooms, the Snails, the Alligators or the Pirates, can be solved at the lower levels (level 1 and 2) thanks to the ever present help of hearing the word.

Each player plays at their own learning pace. There is no time limit, which means that children solve the games according to their own level of motivation.

The scene: To begin with, the children interact with scene and get to know the vocabulary by clicking on the elements and colouring them in. This exercise promotes exploration and exposes them to new words which develop their reading skills.

The games: Here the children consolidate and assess what they have learned in the scene. When you access a new scene the games are in grey and you cannot play them.
In order to play them, you have to activate them by clicking on the words in the background (two words activate one game). This ensures that the children have had some contact with the vocabulary they are going to use later in the games.

Each game has 3 levels of difficulty. When they complete the scene, they will be awarded a diploma to colour as an example of positive feedback.

This product includes an educational guide for parents and teachers.
Individualized learning with structured levels of difficulty.
Keys that will help you use the programme:

(F1 key): Help on how to use this programme.

(F4 key): Exit from anywhere in the game by clicking

Alt + F4 keys at the same time.

(F5 key): Summary of the product.

(F9 key): Score on each game.

Possibility to print additional material
Diplomas for each of them and exercises for colouring in.

Lower and upper case letters can be selected at any time.
Adapt the level of difficulty of each child.
Bilingual (Spanish and English)
PC and MAC compatible
3-8 yrs old

You can use it with old operating systems such as: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista, XP. Compatible 32 y 64 bits


Also you can play on-line.

If you need some Spanish lessons


My First Words in Spanish With Pipo