Maths and Pipo

In the first screen of Maths with Pipo, you can choose your nickname to play and see other options like:

Assistance for Adults: Gives a brief description and basic instructions if this is the first time that you have played. From here you have access to the general helpline for parents and teachers where you can see how the program works, a scheme of the maths games and the different tips of learning.

Summary: A general tour to all the contents related with all the Pipo games.

F9: A visual up-date of the child´s progress

F8: Direct access to the configuration screen.

Learning Guide: Document with detailed explanations of the maths with Pipo or known aswell Mathematics with Pipo

Play and Exit buttons
Have a look how:

Image 011 Maths with Pipo main screen


Dear parents and tutors, I have seen some children even parents getting sometimes a bit mix up with this screen.

Basically you can play as Pipo user or you can create any user you like. Example “Charles”. However if you want to see “Charles” as your Nickname remember please introduce “Charles” twice. If you don´t do that you will not see Charles and you think you did something wrong!. Please if your son or daughter introduce the name make sure she or he spells it correctly otherwise you will not be able to see the name you are expecting to see.

We hope this tip help with this topic and we have answered some of your comments related with this specific issue. -good revision of maths-

This game is great to learn Maths and have fun. (Maths info)