Manchester United stars – Spanish

You can read an interesting article wrote by Chris Morris published in the Sale and Altrincham advertiser Newspaper on the 13th of March.

If you are a Manchester supporter you probably know that the Goalkeeper David de Gea and the striker Javier Hernandez are Spanish speakers. David is from Madrid and Javier is from Mexico.

They went to Broadoak secondary school to chat students in Spanish. Apparently the children in the school manage to interview the Spanish footballers pretty well. That event it was actually recorded and it will be aired sometime in April so other students will be able to take advantage and use this resource in their Spanish lessons. Please do not send us e-mails regarding this. We don´t know when it will be available. The lesson was filmed by the Reds´ on TV station.

“understanding of how important it is to study a language at school, as you never know how useful it might be in the future” quoted by Sale and Altrincham advertiser Newspaper.

We hope you find this post interesting and you can read a bit more about this Spanish event at the the Broadoak school

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