Learn to read in Spanish with Pipo

Learning to read in Spanish with PIPO is an interactive way to develop reading skills – where children will learn to read in Spanish without realizing it through play.

This software contains 18 games that practise different areas of learning: visual distinction, memory, shape recognition, association, vocabulary, etc.
Aprende a leer con PIPO includes: A primary interactive book, vocabulary, alphabet, syllables, words, sentences, letters, etc. It can be organized for each student or for a whole class.

The duration of each game will vary accordingly to the speed progression of each child. However there is no pressure for the children and they can stop any time they like and return later on. All the games are really motivating for the children and they catch their attention very quickly.

The tutor/parent can print a diploma once the child has completed this programme.

This product includes an educational guide for parents and teachers.
Individualized learning with structured levels of difficulty.
Keys that will help you use the programme:

(F1 key): Help on how to use this programme.

(F4 key): or press ESC to exit from any screen.

(F5 key): Summary of the product.
(F8+A): Configuration settings.

(F9 key): Score on each game.

Spanish Software
PC and MAC compatible (unfortunately it is not compatible with LION or later versions)
3-6 yrs old

You can use it with old operating systems such as: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Vista, XP. Compatible 32 y 64 bits


Also you can play on-line.

If you need some Spanish lessons

Learn to read in Spanish with Pipo