Learn some Spanish class objects

You can print this activity and practise and learn some objects from the class with the little ones in Spanish.

It is easy vocabulary for them to learn. Of course ‘easy’ if you know Spanish however, for the little ones any word is a challenge. As many they can learn ‘easy’ becomes to learn some more. Repetition in different ways is the best that you can do to achieve this with the little ones.

Spanish Class Objects

If you couldn´t download the above Pdf following the link that we have provided then try the link below. It will open another page and you should see another link that should also be fine to download the printable Pdf.

Spanish Class Objects

We hope you enjoy this activity and just to remind you that we are proud of the benefits of learning a second language and we really hope your child/children will benefit of this.

We hope you enjoy this free activity in your school or at home. This activity can be used for either Key stage 1 and Key stage 2.


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