Another Spanish lesson with numbers 1 to 10

In this blog we are going to show how to deliver a Spanish Tuition in Manchester for Key stage 2.

You can also use the previous lesson or you could do one lesson from the two. Of course all this depends on the way you do and how long are your lessons.

Más números del 1 al 10 / More Numbers 1 to 10


  • Usual greetings to the children. ¿Qué tal? (How are you?) or Buenas tardes.

Main activities:

  • Comment few mistakes from all the corrections done from their work done in the previous Spanish lesson.

  • Focus on the c in cinco and the z in diez. Sound detective activity Explain that z in Spanish is always pronounced like th in think and that c sometimes makes the same sound. Same as before ask children if they can find out some words and make two columns. They could prepare this themselves. (If time available)

  • We are now going to play another track (una oca, dos ocas, etc).
  • Children listen and repeat with the teacher in Spanish.
  • The children should try to write the sequence of number and words so they practise writing these from memory just from listening the sounds.
  • This track is played several times. Then we correct this on the board so everybody has got the correct answer.
  • As a cultural activity  the meaning of Piñata was explained in the class.

Final Activities:

  • Say adiós, hasta luego, hasta la vista to the children

In this Spanish lesson children should learn:

  • To listen and respond to simple rhymes.
  • To recognise and respond to sound patterns and words.
  • To recognise and apply simple agreements, eg gender, singular, plural.
  • To play games to help to remember
  • To perform simple communicative tasks using simple words, phrases and short sentences.
  • To imitate pronunciation
  • To repeat words rhythmically

The objectives of this lesson are:

  • To pronounce numbers 1 to10 accurately
  • To begin to recognise that, when simple plurals are made, the pronunciation of the noun remains the same.

You can also practice the numbers with your class listening any video on-line. Just check this in you tube.


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