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"We created our business several years ago providing a wide range of Spanish tuition for children and adults. We provide Spanish tuition for children in different schools around Greater Manchester and Cheshire and we also provide Spanish for businesses and adults around Altrincham.

We're passionate about what we do and have a proven track record of success."

- Luciano Infante, school-e's Founder.

Spanish for children:

Our goal is to support some other families and teachers from the community as well. Our games, puzzles, activities, books, interactive activities, etc for kids are designed to be accessible to native and non-native Spanish speakers.

We have been teaching Spanish in Primary schools and nurseries for the past eleven years and we are happy giving the children this first push with a Modern Foreign Language.

As you can see our website also offers bilingual products to help children to learn Spanish.

Spanish for businesses and adults:

We admire all the English speakers we have been teaching in the Greater Manchester area during all these years that we have been teaching. We understand how difficult it can be for you. Let me see "I hate grammar", "I am so embarrassed when I talk..."I can't understand that teacher!", "Today I am really tired!" we love all that as we have been there before.

You know where we are and I am sure you know we can help you too.

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