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We are School-e and we provide Spanish lessons in South Manchester

We teach Spanish to children (KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE and A levels), adults and businesses across Greater Manchester and Cheshire.

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Spanish Lessons Manchester

You can learn faster with a Spanish tutor who comes to your office or home to a convenient time.

We provide Spanish tuition to a different range of people, young students, individuals, businesses requirements and small groups or bigger groups.

Your private Spanish tutor will come to your own home or office and you can learn Spanish One-to-one, Two-to-one, or in a small group.

Our private Spanish lessons are ideal if you need Spanish towards GCSE and A levels. If you are a regular traveller to Spain or South America, perhaps you are thinking of relocating abroad. Over the years, we have helped a lot of different people to learn Spanish at different levels and we can help you too!

Languages in today's world are really important

Exports and Import companies, engineering companies, marketing companies, consumer companies, etc deals in a daily bases with Spanish or South American companies.

Children in the school now start earlier than before to learn languages. We are trying to help them as much as we can and we are happy to see the progression of children in some Primary schools where we work with them.

It is also great to know of people they studied Spanish with us and the have embarked in the new adventure of living abroad. Personally I feel much better if I go to a country on holiday and I can order things and communicate with the locals. Therefore I think if you are a traveller and you don’t speak the language when you go to France, Spain, Italy or anywhere you could feel a bit stress. Holidays are to enjoy! Personally I don’t like to get stress on holidays and some times the trip could be stressful enough! We all know that however you will feel much better and welcome if you can speak a bit the local language. The local ones “speak English” I have been told this a lot of times. We know in the major touristic places a lot of people speak English but think as well your Spanish could be better than their English. (read my story below)

Read the story

An acquaintance of mine in Spain he works in a pub in the summer. He speaks English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian and some Polish. I was amazed when I met him as I could hear him talk in different languages meanwhile waiting to be served. Of course he also speaks Spanish and Catalan. The truth is that he knows the really basic stuff, he learnt this and memorised over the years and practised all those languages but he can’t actually talk English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian and some Polish.


Believe it or not he had some private tuition in different languages just only for this basic needs but you will not have a conversation with him in the target language but this was excellent for his business. He said to me “Solo me interesa que se sientan como en casa” which means that he was only interested that you feel like at home. It is for that reason Spanish people if they can they will talk to you in English but your Spanish could be better than their English and you can always get back to them in Spanish. Also remember in some situations you could have wished to know the language.

Sometimes friends are going and coming during your life and perhaps you can meet some interesting people who speak different languages.

Students needing to achieve excellent GCSE and A level grades.

GCSE writing work sample - Spanish Lessons Manchester :

This is just a good example of one of our students. A total of 91 words. The student uses good verbs (present, conditional, infinitive, subjuntive...), nice and long sentences, good connectors, perfect coordination with number and gender, good description using correct adjectives, he uses the accents correctly.

It is a really good example and this is not even a third of the final work she produced. Summary we knew her mark before she took her exam! If a student can produce something like that before the text, the student goes really confident to the exam in order to get an A *. By the way in this case it was not a bilingual student!

"Llevo uniforme con una chaqueta de color negra con rayas verdes, una camisa, una corbata y unos pantalones oscuros. Sinceramente no me gusta mucho y si pudiera elegir, llevaría mi propia ropa con una chaqueta tejana.
Cuando termine los exámenes de GCSE, me gustaría estudiar más el español y el alemán ya que me fascinan los idiomas. Después me encantaría ir a la Universidad de Manchester, porque cuando sea mayor tengo la intención de trabajar como intérprete.
Además mi casa está muy cerca de la Universidad por lo tanto eso sería genial."


You never know if you might find your other half in a foreign country or from a foreign country. If that’s the case I am telling you that one of you will learn the language of the other one and ideally both of you!.

We can offer different types of Spanish courses and we can tailor them to your particular needs. Mainly are:

Our fun and Spanish clubs are the perfect way for little ones to boost their confidence and take the first steps towards learning Spanish. The ability to speak a modern foreign language can bring great prospects later in life, in University or during your working life, as soon as your child starts learning a new language the more beneficial it will be.

Nurseries to reception Key stage 1 Key stage 2 We offer fun Spanish teaching which is really effective for these age groups in the schools. Spanish at Key stage 3 and 4. (See below) See also below for Bilingual children

We offer fun Spanish teaching which is really effective for these age groups in the schools.

Spanish at Key stage 3 and 4. (See below)
See also below for Bilingual children

Juniors and Adults:

Great for travelling, planning to live in Spain or South America or perhaps for general cultural interest.

Spanish Lessons for Business:

Ideal if you do business with Spanish speakers. Material is adapted to business situations at all levels.

Spanish for Exams

If you are working towards to any of those qualifications:

Spanish GCSE
Spanish A level
University examination

At Español extra you can find a lot of help for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners
(primary, secondary, GCSE, iGCSE, AS/A2, IB and international equivalent levels)

Spanish Lessons Manchester for bilingual children:

It is ideal if your children are bilingual and you want to keep their Spanish alive. Believe me I am a dad of two bilingual children!

How you shouldn’t book with us?

Please do not go to the page “Book”, select the course and Pay. Indeed the facility payment is there for you to use it later on. However we want to find out a bit more about your needs. What do you want to achieve and we need to agree a mutual convenient day & time. So, best thing to do:

How you should book with us?

Fill the detail or booking form on the site or just e-mail with your requirements. Then we will send you some information and we will discuss your Spanish training needs with you to make sure that we understand exactly what you are trying to achieve from our Spanish Lessons Manchester.

Once we are happy with that we will arrange the days and times and we arrange the payments.

General note mainly for parents:

We have been told several times if we can provide an audio file from one story book called "Los dos hermanos - The two brothers" It is a very basic book for your children if they never have done Spanish before. It is also a good book for Key stage 1 and even nursery and reception children. You can read the book to them. Don't worry! It is an easy and short story about two brothers going shoping to "La tienda de caramelos" sweet shop. Anyway if you are unsure about the pronunciation, please do not try to guess! Instead try to listening to the sound files read by a bilingual boy. So you can visit our blog and you will see a Spanih article. If you know Spanih great you can practise and read a bit we are giving some advice in how children can learn a second language. Otherwise scroll down and you will see the folling links in the text:

Los dos hermanos – español (Spanish audio)

The two brothers - english (English audio)

Vocabulary – Los dos hermanos (Main vocabulary audio)

Please note all this is free of charge! You don't even need to buy the book to listen this bilingual boy reading in English and Spanish. If you listen the boy can you guess is he English or is he Spanish?

We hope you find this information useful and we also hope you find the information in our blog useful. There are quite a lot of articles and also activities they can help your children or anybody studing Spanish at any level.



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